Some Challenges Users Face When Using Honor Magicbook

by Nettie Ali
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Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei. Since Huawei was caught in the US-CHINA trade war, the company had to shift focus from its banned 5G and mobile phone initiatives in the US. Huawei chose to enter the laptop market by launching the Honor Notebook series. And one of their bestsellers is the Honor MagicBook Pro. Despite the cost-effectiveness of Honor’s MagicBook Pro, there are a few complaints users would love to see Honor fix in the upcoming MagicBook series.

Complaints users have about the Honor MagicBook Pro

1. Webcam position

Webcams are usually positioned at the top, in front of the lid, but the MagicBook Pro has its webcam in a less convenient position. The MagicBook Pro uses a pop-up webcam, which is located at the top of the keyboard. To take pictures or make videos when the webcam is in such a position may be quite uncomfortable.

2. Integrated GPU

The MagicBook Pro does not have a dedicated GPU. Its GPU is integrated into the AMD Ryzen Processor. Integrating GPU in the processor has its advantages in terms of saving weight. The downside is the processor’s capacity to take on heavy tasks. As such, the MagicBook Pro is suitable for light gaming.

3. Average Battery Life

Users have criticized the Honor MagicBook Pro for having an average battery life. The battery life of your laptop is determined by the operations you run on the laptops. For example, watching videos on the MagicBook Pro will drain a fully charged battery within 6 hours. The same laptop will give you up to 7 hours of web surfing time. And for gaming, the battery will die much faster.

This performance on battery capacity is not bad. However, more recent Notebooks from other brands have already found ways to increase battery life to much higher standards. The Honor MagicBook Pro will attract more users if it gets a higher battery capacity.

4. Speakers

Like most brands of laptops, the MagicBook Pro comes with two speakers that are distinct enough when users are close to the laptop. But, once you move a few feet away, the sound becomes less audible. At the highest volume, you can use it well enough. However, anyone more than 20 meters away will find it hard to decipher the sound. With better speakers, more users will want to cop the Honor MagicBook Pro.

5. Outdoor Display

The MagicBook Pro has a screen brightness of 333 cd/m2. The brightness is good enough for indoor use, but it may not be comfortable to use the laptop outdoors. The brightness of the screen may not be enough to combat the sun’s rays, so many people may avoid it for that reason.


Honor MagicBook Pro offers one of the best laptop deals in terms of price. However, there are some compromises that Honor has to make to keep that price advantage. The complaints listed above have led to some inconvenience for users. A lot of users are hoping that the next MagicBook laptop will take care of some of these issues. Check for the latest MagicBook Pro features.

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