Top Ways to Move Text Messages from Android to iPhone

by Nettie Ali
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Users are kicking the tech 911 up to a rather hard mode this coming week, given that moving data from one phone to another can be daunting. There would rather be a quick and easy-to-use solution of getting your messages from one platform to another in a world filled with perfection. Well, there is. You need to learn the steps involved in Backuptrans Android Messages to iPhone Transfer. 

The easy way- simple, fast, and efficient

Today, the best way to move your messages from Android to iPhone and the other way round is by using a company’s transfer app. If you happen to be on the iPhone and are jumping ship to a new Android, your device’s manufacturer should have an app or cable that allows you to move data from one device to another.

If you are on Android and are moving to an iPhone, Apple provides a similar app found on Google Play, and it should be capable of pulling your texts from Android to iPhone.

The hard way- simple, slow, but also efficient

If you are currently using a newer version of an Android device or iPhone, then your options are limited. For decades, there have been limited ways for moving text messages from an Android to an iPhone if you do not have a new handset. Today, backup trans is making it easier for every user to move their messages from one smartphone to another.

How? Using backuptrans

If you own an Android and intend to purchase an iPhone, the chances are that you would like to keep the old messages on your iPhone. Backuptrans, the Android SMS software to iPhone transfer can help you achieve this in a few steps. All text messages will ideally be merged on the iPhone.

Backuptrans Android SMS to the iPhone transfer is made to transfer SMS to iPhone directly.

Start by connecting your Android device to the computer. Connect the iPhone to the computer too. This should be complete in 5 seconds.

You can choose to transfer all the text messages to your iPhone or transfer the SMS with a specific friend as you wish.

You can also save the text messages from your Android to the local database on your PC for backup.

After backing up the SMS on your computer, you should use the backup trans software to copy your computer’s messages with two clicks.

The file format you should expect to see includes word, html, and texts. Interestingly, backup trans-Android SMS to iPhone transfer allows users to print out Android text messages in threading various conversations. You can always choose to move all messages from your Android to the iPhone or specific messages.

Final Thoughts

Backuptrans Studio, a revered software development firm, provides various mobile software solutions. Chattered in 2012, the award-winning developer in mobile data software is offering you solutions to transferring messages from one mobile device to another. The company is prominent for developing new software solutions for users of mobile devices annually. Lastly, this backuptrain software is safe; you do not have to worry about your SMS, Whatsapp, or FB chats.

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