What Makes the Huawei Smartwatch Harmony OS Better than Android and iOS

by Nettie Ali
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If you own a Huawei wearable, you are likely to experience the best of the newly developed Harmony OS. There are several Huawei wearable that you can choose to go for depending on the specs and price per your budget. The most trending wearable that has hit the market in 2021 is the Huawei Watch 3 Pro that offers more than basic features. But have you ever what makes the Huawei Watch 3 Pro so cool than any other smartwatch. Read on to know about the Huawei Harmony OS used by the Huawei Watch pro smartwatch.

The main features of the Harmony OS

With this type of operating system, you will get the best out of high-tech micro-kernel. This type of technology has the best capabilities that are implemented through modules. The best part about having basic and independent modules is that you will have to solve problems in a specific module, saving time and resources.

Through the mentioned implementation, you will be able to have high performance through the special modules. The separate field application of specialized modules improves the performance of browsers and applications. You are assured of safety on using the Harmony OS as the modules have been created using very complex algorithms that are shielded against hacks and malicious access.

The Advantages of Using the Huawei Harmony OS

1. Data and Communication

With the Huawei Harmony OS, you will get a platform that gives shared communication. The data on this interface is distributed for better management. With the virtual peripherals and task scheduling, you are assured of sharing data and communication from other devices. With this ability, you can use another device’s hardware and software without affecting the performance of either device. For instance, you will be able to use the camera of your Huawei Smartphone on your Huawei Watch 3 Pro smartwatch.

2. System Resources

You will realize that with the Harmony OS, the system resources will favour higher priorities. This is not the same with other operating systems where tasks are distributed evenly and executed. With the Harmony OS, you will get a higher and faster performance rate due to dividing and sharing tasks.

You can have the apps on the Harmony OS running on other screens and other devices simultaneously.

The other benefit of the Harmony OS is that you have a wide-open code that is intelligent and uncrackable by hackers.

Although the Huawei Harmony OS is the best and it’s known, it also has few downsides. According to experts, few glitches arise while using the new tech Harmony OS. Some of the cons of using the Huawei Harmony include the following:

You will have to spend extra money on the operating system’s benefits to the maximum.

Sometimes you might experience system issues that might tend to be very chaotic as per experts.

When too many devices are connected, you might experience malfunctioning of the gadget.

Generally, the overall performance of the Harmony OS is best when utilized in optimal conditions. You might want to know more about how best to interact with this new build OS.

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