Where Do I Get My Laptop Battery Replacement?

by Nettie Ali
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What types of laptop batteries do you need? How have your laptop battery been operating? Maybe you are not impressed by the period it can hold power or you think you should upgrade to another stronger laptop battery? The batteries decline in performance from time to time especially when they are not utilized appropriately or sometimes just because they have worn out after a long usage period. At BatteriesProfessionnel you will get laptop batteries of the right quality and those that will suit your needs, Every type is available. Let us look at the various types of batteries available for you.

ASUS laptop batteries

Do you use Asus Laptops? Do you need batterie Asus ROG? This is your solution to your dysfunctional battery. You will need to replace it with another compatible Asus laptop battery that will run the laptop programmes effectively. There are various types as analysed below. You can choose one according to the series compatibility.

C41N1731 Asus battery; this is an Asus laptop battery that is only manufactured for Asus devices. It is compatible with ROG STRIX SCAR II and HERO II. It has a voltage of 15.4 volts which makes it a very efficient battery to run the Asus laptop programmes. Other features include 4335M. Ah (66Wh)

55 WH 15.4V for Asus GM501 GM laptop. Do you have an Asus ROG Cephyrus M GM501 laptop? This is your battery solution. It has a great capacity circular function of between 600to 1000 cycles and will charge very fast and hold power for a very long time.

There are other Asus laptop batteries just to name a few

Asus X751, ASUS UX36OUA, Asus GL752VW among others.

Lenovo Laptop batteries

Get the best replacement for your Lenovo batteries today. Which series or version of Lenovo laptop do you use/? There is always a solution for you with batteries are of very high quality, made of lithium ions that can charge very fast and retain power for a long period. Examples include,

3900mAh/44Wh 14.8 V original batteries 81+ for Lenovo ThinkpadT430s. This very efficient model of Lenovo ThinkPad that you should consider purchasing.

Lenovo original battery L17M3P52. It has 11.1V and a capacity of 45Wh. This battery has integrated microchips and can prevent overcharging and lengthen the lifespan of the battery. It can be a great choice for your laptop.

 5200mAh 10.8 V battery for Lenovo G700. This is a laptop battery that is suitable for your Lenovo device and will be well compatible with your device.

Dell Laptop Batteries

The dell users have got sorted out too. You will get various dell laptop batteries that will be fully compatible with your laptop. Some of these include

Dell original battery 69kf2, 86 Wh, 11.4 output Voltage. This battery can serve you for around 8 hours effectively. That sounds reliable, right?

Another dell types include Dell Inspiron 5401 among others. Visit BatteriesProfessionnels for your batteries solutions.

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