E-Ink Tablet: The Eco-Friendly Choice for Digital Reading

by Nettie Ali
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The impact of technological evolution is prominent in every field of life. The education sector is not behind in this regard. Education sectors possess a high paper demand for printing and publishing various books and notebooks. The publishing and printing utilizes inks and fossil fuels to run the factories to manufacture paper.

Inks and fossil fuels are chemicals that have a greater negative impact on the environment. To preserve the environment and make it sustainable for the next generations. It is essential to eliminate paper usage and employ an eco-friendly solution. You cannot deny the role of the E-ink tablet: https://www.geniatech.com/products/eink-tablet/ in this regard. Read this article to get in-depth, useful insights on the E-ink tablet.

What is an E-ink Tablet?

The E-ink tablet refers to a device that looks similar to the tablet’s. However, the E-ink tablet does not contain LED or LCD screens. Rather, they are comprised of electronic ink. You can use this tablet to read magazines, books, documents, and even newspapers.

The E-ink tablet does not emit or offer backlight similar to that in LCD or LED. This is the reason you can experience a paper effect using these tablets.


The E-ink tablet comprises multiple microcapsules which contain multiple black and white particles. White particles feature a negative charge, while black particles feature a positive charge.

When applying the negative or positive electric field, the corresponding charge particle (black or white) comes on the top. This makes the screen look white or black.

E-ink Tablet – Key Advantages

The advantages of the E-ink tablet in comparison to the paper are many. Here are the key ones:

No Eye Fatigue

The E-ink tablet features an appearance that has a very close resemblance to the paper. It possesses no light emittance feature and backlighting. Reading books on the screen causes eye strain and fatigue, which, if continued longer, can lead to a headache. Therefore, considering this in the design, the E-ink tablet is completely safe for readers reading books for longer.

Higher Contrast

No one can question the level of contrast that this E-ink tablet offers. The contrast makes it possible for the readers to differentiate between the text and the white region. The higher contrast ensures the appearance of the sharp text. This feature makes the text easily readable.

Long Lasting Battery

Using the E-ink tablet, you don’t need to worry about the ending of the charging. This is because it features a high quality lithium-ion battery. The battery features a high energy density and a lower level of self-discharge. This is what contributes to the longer battery time. This way, you can focus on less charging and more reading.

Minimum Glare

The glare refers to the zero level of light reflection. This is crucial for the readers. The glare prevents them from focusing on the text. This contributes to the uncomfortable reading experience. You are not going to face glare in the E-ink tablets. They feature a matt surface, which keeps you reading with more attention.

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