What is the best way to spend my FUT coins

by Nettie Ali
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FUT coins are free FIFA coins gotten from playing FIFA ultimate games. It is regarded as the acceptable currency for FIFA ultimate games. They are also the main source through which items in the transfer market and characters can be purchased.

There are many ways to spend the free FIFA coins and they mostly depend on the level you are. You could be a beginner or a professional, but you still have to spend the coins in a way that will be most beneficial to you. Keep reading to know how best to spend your FUT coins as a player.

Best ways to spend FUT coins

Some of the best ways you can spend the Fut coins maybe through DRAFT Offline, DRAFT Online, and Fast Profit.

1. DRAFT Offline

The DRAFT method of spending the FUT is mainly for persons that are not used to the FIFA environment. If you are just starting FUT games, and have gathered a substantial amount of FUT coins, you can spend them by employing the offline draft method.

The normal costs for admission into the tournament are about 300 FIFA points. In the tournament, your goal is to win the computer-controlled opponent in about 4 consecutive 12-minute matches. If you can complete the tournament and others to come, you will get access to amazing prizes that will add value and strengthen your players.

To win the tournament with ease, you can follow some simple tactics. These tactics includes:

  • Scoringone or more goals immediately after the match starts
  • Passingusually to the defenders
  • Trying notto concede any goals, after scoring few goals
  • Playing adefensive game till the end of the match.

2. DRAFT Online

This method of spending FUT coins is majorly for people with an appreciable amount of experience and skills. You can take part in the DRAFT tournament against other players if you have gotten to the third division of the Division Rivals.

In this tournament, your goal is to win four straight matches using a team you created. Getting into the tournament costs about 300 FIFA points. The risk of DRAFT Online is that the team is created from random cards which means you could pick the wrong players.

The prizes obtained from the DRAFT Online tournament would be based on the number of your victories. The prizes from DRAFT Online sum up to about 1150 FIFA points.

3. Fast Profit

In situations where you have a large amount of FIFA points, or maybe you do not have ample playing time, fast profit should be your best way to spend your coins. You can invest your FIFA points in any of the packs that can be purchased in the shop. This will enable you to accumulate good players that will strengthen your main lineup.

When you have gotten better players, you can then put your least players on the transfer market or scheduling challenges.


To spend your FUT coins in a manner that will be most beneficial to you entails understanding your level of expertise, how many points you have, and knowing how much time you can use for the playing of the tournaments. 

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